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Conveyancing is the process of legal transfer from the seller of a property to the buyer, making sure that title deeds for a property are received correctly to ensure the legal interest is passed between both parties.

Conveyancing collectively deals with all of the administrative and legal work that needs to be completed to ensure that a property purchase is completed and valid under current legislation.

The cost of conveyancing varies due to a number of factors such as the price of the property and the type and number of searches required.

We offer competitive pricing for our services and continue to monitor our costs to ensure that we offer you a high level service at a price our clients can afford.

Each transaction is treated individually. Timescales are very much dependent on third parties such as lenders, freeholders, other side legal representatives.

Our specialist conveyancers will assess your case at the outset and offer you a reasonable timescale to complete a transaction based on the information provided in your instruction pack.

Conveyancing relates to legal documents to ensure that your property transaction complies with the law in England and Wales.
Instructing Knight Richardson will ensure a smooth, stress free process whilst providing a 5 star service.
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